Our Process

Every job we take on follows our careful step by step methods to ensure the highest standard of quality and satisfaction. It all begins with a sit down with one of our Town Criers (Consultants). These folk act as the glue between you and the craftsmen (Creative Team). We keep the dialogue open and consistent by having our Town Criers at your beck and call come rain or shine.

We offer you a choice of design layout for your new website. Pick between one, two, or three columns, full screen, one page etc. This provides flexibility and a custom fit, like a finely crafted pair of leather boots. Next our Sheriff (Project Manager) will round up a posse (creative team) for the job.  Once assembled our craftsmen make use of our in-house tool, the Smart Panel, to forge your perfect website.

Once our Trail Boss approves and You are happy, we send you down the happy trail over to our full service web-marketing outfit, 10 Gallon Media. You will be ahead of the herd in no-time!